Email vs Social Media

Email vs Social Media

Sometimes the old way is the best way.

The internet and mobile phones have infiltrated every cranny of the workplace, and digital technology has transformed vast numbers of jobs. Workplaces including the most sophisticated scientific companies, to farms, the factory floor and the self employed have been reshaped by new pathways to information and new avenues of selling goods and services. For most workers now, life on the job means life on-line.

Pew Research implemented an on-line survey, and a sample of adult internet users and asked a series of questions about the role of digital technology in their work lives. This is not a sample representative of all workers. It covers on-line adults who also have full-time or part-time jobs in any capacity. The most recent survey data from Pew Research in late 2013 shows that 94% of workers are internet users.

Email and the internet are deemed the most important communications and information tools among on-line workers. The high value of email comes despite the challenges of viruses, spam and phishing and other communication competitors like social media and texting. Surprisingly, landline phones outrank mobiles phones for these internet-using workers. Social media is very low in importance.

It was shown that email and the internet are particularly important to adults who work in traditionally office-based occupations. What is surprising is that even in the face of constantly evolving forms of digital communication, email continues to be the main digital artery that workers believe is important to their jobs. Since taking hold a generation ago, email has not loosened its grip on the workplace.

So, when trying to contact your customers, make sure that you don't forget that email is king when using digital communication.


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