What is eCommerce?

By definition eCommerce refers to businesses and consumers buying and selling products on-line.
Ecommerce does not only refer to the selling of physical products, it can also refer to the selling of services where payments for the services are made on-line. As a general rule an eCommerce website, is a website where a transfer of funds is completed electronically - hence eCommerce.

We at 97squared believe that mobile eCommerce is just as important. Many eCommerce websites, even successful ones, end up overlooking the mobile market. With the proliferation of smart phones and the perpetual mobility of people, ignoring this avenue of traffic is unthinkable. You could be doing so much better if you would allocate resources to develop and implement a mobile eCommerce plan.

We will make sure that all our websites will be mobile responsive,including eCommerce.
When creating an mCommerce(mobile eCommerce website) site we will make sure:

  • Branding will match the main eCommerce website.
  • Identical product offering.
  • Clear product descriptions and price specifications.
  • Compelling, though small, images that can be expanded if the user so desires.

Do not fool yourself into believing that customers will be as happy accessing your regular website with a mobile device. So contact 97squared and we will make sure all devices and areas are covered.

Contact us today if you would like to talk about responsive design or any other web development needs.