Website development

Building a successful website is a complex procedure that must be broken down into different elements
These elements consist of structure, content and design.


When starting a website build, it is essential to understand the clients needs, but more importantly, ensuring that the user can navigate and use the site easily. Navigation is not solely the menu but also the flow of site.
Other things to consider when building a website is to make sure your site can be crawled(read and indexed) by a search engine.
97squared specialise in creating sites that are correctly structured and allow the user to find what they want quickly whilst avoiding the pitfalls of one way clicks(links that take users to pages that have no way back to their starting point).


Content is usually supplied by the user and includes such things as logo's, text, images and videos amongst other things. When building your website, 97squared will allow for any structure to be incorporated into any design. We can also create content on your behalf.


Whether you the client, supply the design, or if 97squared create your design, then this will be implemented at the tail end of the site build. The reason for this is so the design fits correctly with the structure and content. Too many designer's fall into the trap of designing a site and then trying to fit content into the design; this commonly leads to bad structure and non user-friendly websites.

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